Casa Grande   -   Maricopa  -   Arizona City  -  Queen Creek  -  Coolidge, Eloy
We are a 501-C Ford Mustang car club located in Casa Grande, Arizona sponsored by Glenn Jones Ford. We have members from surrounding towns such as Arizona City, Eloy, Coolidge, Queen Creek, and Maricopa.
We are dedicated to the fun and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang. Our membership is for everyone who owns a new or older Mustang. We invite singles, couples, families, male or female, young or older for membership..
We have a club charter with a Mission Statement, by-laws, along with yearly elected officers. We meet once a month and have an event or an activily at least once a month.
Our club sponsors two big annual events: All "Ford Powered" & Mustang Car Show. and the "Mustang Roundup" Breakfast. We also do a smaller car show in the spring. 
We also participate with other Mustang clubs around the state, as they participate in our activities. We are all about fun and love for the Mustang.

"Are you ready to go out there and take what is yours, what you've worked hard for. Are you ready for the Mustang challenge?
Duane Johnson in Grid Iron Gang 2006